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It's a Service


We understand there will be situations where security is paramount and a public cloud is not a viable option, for example internal policy or legislation, or the nature of the organisation is sensitive and public cloud services are a no go area.  YUDOC Private Cloud utilises all the features of YUDOC on a private cloud exclusive to the organisation. Offering users a safe and easy way to retrieve print from any associated printer within the private cloud.


The private cloud runs via a secure cloud connector, all print jobs are stored in the private cloud and require no print server. Cloud based printers from service providers are connected to applications running on Microsoft Azure, using a number of well proven technologies. 

How does it work?

Users can send documents to a personal print queue via YUDOC Mobile, YUDOC Online, YUDOC Email print and YUDROP. Documents can then be released using an embedded client, card reader or YUDOC Mobile on any printer within the private cloud.

Print data is encrypted ensuring no documents are received by anyone but the intended user, only the correct user authenticating the release gets the document.

Users experience a simple user interface across all devices.


The user can upload file types within MS Office to the print queue from any workstations, Android or iOS devices and YUDOC also supports pdf files and more.


Files can also be sent from cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive etc. where documents are automatically converted into a printable format.

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YUDOC online

YUDOC online makes it simple to drag and drop files or file browse to upload documents to the personal print queue. Users can select the print requirements e.g. colour, duplex and number of copies, the document is then ready for release at the chosen print location within the Private Cloud.

The users print queue and information on the last ten transactions and associated details are also viewable and items from the print queue can be deleted.


YUDOC email print and YUDROP

YUDOC email print enables users to email documents directly to their print queue from any device with email enabled.

With YUDROP documents can be copied and pasted into the YUDROP folder on the users desktop, automatically adding this to the personal print queue, for release when the user is ready.


Yellow Folder.png
Yudrop new.png

YUDOC Mobile App

Using the YUDOC app, users can log in using a secure username and password, select the documents to upload to the personal print queue, documents are printed to the settings chosen in ‘My Print settings' e.g. colour, duplex and number of copies and when ready at your chosen print location within the private cloud, the document can be released with a single click.

For information, users last ten transactions and associated details are also viewable.

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YUDOC mobile screengrab 2.png
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Pull print – private cloud


  • Eliminate paper waste

  • Job list - reduction of consumables and power cost

  • Tracking and control of usage

  • Hardware consolidation

  • Improved user productivity

No printer driver


  • Easy deployment

  • Reduced help desk load

  • Increased productivity and higher user satisfaction

Serverless and a service


  • Significant reduction in hardware cost

  • No software related cost

  • Less power consumption and reduction of CO2  emission

Centralised administration


  • Easy deployment

  • Improved centralised control

  • Better performance

  • Multi tenancy

Vendor independent


  • Optimised printer fleet

  • Option to buy most efficient devices

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