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1. How do I release documents from my mobile device? 


Open the YUDOC app on your device, select the documents you would like to print, select the print        button and the job is released.

2. Can I use my tablet or laptop instead of my mobile phone? 


If your tablet has access to the internet the app works in the same way on tablets as it does a mobile phone. As there is currently no way to scan a QR code using a laptop, you can upload documents and then release on your mobile device.

3. Do I need 4G? 


You must have access to mobile data to be able to utilise YUDOC

4. Do I need the file I want to print on my device? 


There is no need to store files locally.

5. Can anyone print my document?


All data transfers are encrypted, ensuring only the correct user authenticating the release gets the document. 

6. How long does YUDOC take to process payment?


Payment for the jobs is completed when the job is printed.

7. How long can I view my job list in YUDOC?


The job list will keep documents visible for 24 hours.

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