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Business on the move

In a world where everywhere is the office

YUDOC supports business users worldwide to securely identify and release print.

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Keeping business moving

Using our native YUDOC Android or iOS App on a mobile device users can send documents to a personal print queue for release, pick-up and payment from any service provider hosting the YUDOC service.

Print data is encrypted ensuring no documents are received by anyone but the intended user only the correct user authenticating the release gets the document.

Cloud based printers from service providers are connected to applications running on Microsoft Azure. The service allows other print management systems to post print, which means users in many organisations can release print outside their office, campus or home.






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Locate, release, and charge to the company account the print via a native Android or iOS App. Files are uploaded or sent to a personal print queue

The document is released with just a couple of clicks, the document is printed within a few seconds from the release is requested.

Convenience stores, gas stations, post offices, parcel pickup points, office hotels, airports, libraries, the list of potential service providers are endless.

YUDOC can upload all file types within MS Office suite - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook etc,

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YUDOC also supports pdf files and more. Files can be sent from cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive etc where documents automatically converted into a printable format.

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Office Worker


“I usually print my private documents when I am at work.


I don’t print much but would like to be able to print without having to take from my employer.”



“I usually print my stuff at the campus, it’s cheap, but sometimes it would be great to be able to print without always having to go to the campus to pick it up.”



“I don’t have a printer, I got tired of  buying cartridges when I wanted to print, and then my printer cartridges dry out.

I would love to be able to pick up a document at nearby gas station when I occasionally need to print. “

Sales Executive


”I often work from home, but then have to take time to go to the office to pick up print.


Picking up a document on my way to a meeting would save me lots of time.”


For everyone

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