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Supporting users from all walks of life, whatever their print need.

We know spending time on the road has been very difficult during 2020. For the globetrotters among us the pandemic has devastated tourism and limited our movements.

How have the people who travel a lot - The Modern Nomad e.g. the freelancer, contractor, writer escaping the urban hustle managed their personal administration or employment commitments in the wider world when so many of us have been able to retreat to our homes, home offices etc. and been confined to lockdowns and restrictions?

How have these people continued whilst locked down in a country away from home or returning and isolating only allowed to leave for food and essential items but still being required to continue work or study under these circumstances.

With fewer business and services remaining open at times throughout the year and many retail establishments closed, purchasing a printer and supplies e.g. cartridges and paper etc. has not been possible at times and limited at others and for many the responsibility of running this type of peripheral is just not viable.

With an almost endless choice of print release locations YUDOC kept print needs met in a safe and secure way, for all of those unable to get to their home printer or continued to travel. Convenience stores remained open throughout the pandemic and with strict social distancing measures in place it’s hard to consider a safer method to printing documents virtually touch free.

A situation we are all so familiar with - on entering the store customers ensure they are wearing a mask or face visor and are encouraged to follow a one way system, using their own device release the print job, take the documents and leave the store – picking up any other shopping needed.

YUDOC supports users from all walks of life, whatever their print need.

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