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How has YUDOC helped you lately?

We know the lockdown of 2020 helped us to develop new ways in which we work. We immediately considered the effect on business - but what about when we found ourselves in the unknown territory of home schooling? Already busy parents adapting to their own working from home environment they found themselves also schooling their children.

Thankfully YUDOC revolutionised print, it allowed parents and carers to print all the documentation their children needed for the week ahead in a fast, safe and secure location without worrying about whether they had paper, or ink, or whether there was going to be a problem, it was all taken care of.

In a time when a lot of places were closed we could rely on the convenience stores and gas stations to stay open to meet our needs, but this time it wasn't just our food and drink or fuel needs being met by these locations.

With lockdown conditions likely to continue for months to come, it's great to know there is one less thing to worry about.

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